Darren Lawrence

2021: Keep on keeping on!




How are you?

Isn’t life odd at the moment! Stripped of many of its usual elements and features, we are being asked to live a strange existence through this pandemic.

A client this morning remarked that ‘the current restrictions are starting to wear a bit thin!’ I think we can all relate to that.


We’ll do what we need to do.

It’s about keeping going.

Making it work, however we need to.

Getting through this period, best we can.

You can’t give up, because that’s not what you do!

This will not go on forever – however much it feels that way at the moment. There will be an end to it.


In the meantime, what’s giving you structure and meaning to your day? What’s lifting your spirits?

Personally there are a number of things helping me through – be it signs of nature coming back to life, heading towards Spring; looking after my children; football (not the same without fans but a useful distraction nonetheless); reading – continuing my plan of one book a month; home workouts; contact with other humans! (telephone, Whatsapp, Zoom); work tasks providing a sense of purpose.


What are you doing to keep things going?