Darren Lawrence

About Darren

I work with individuals, teams, and organisations, to help improve what they do and develop effective action plans for the future.

My conscientious, systematic but tactful and diplomatic approach has been described by clients as ‘relatable’. I use my people skills with an orientation to detail to get the very best results for my clients and projects I am commissioned for.

After gaining a first class degree in Sports Studies from the University of Chichester in 1998 I embarked on a career in sport with Canterbury City Council in 1999. I then held management positions at Sport England, Hertfordshire Football Association, and The Football Association before setting up my own business in 2016.

I am a registered assessor for Quest, the UK Quality Scheme for sport and leisure, and also an associate for both Switch the Play and Continuum Sport & Leisure Ltd.

I qualified as a Personal Performance Coach with the Coaching Academy in 2017.

I am particularly passionate about helping people to improve their productivity, look after their wellbeing and thrive through transition and change.

Our productivity is affected by many variables not least our own expectations, our energy, how and what we prioritise and different strategies we employ to ‘get things done’. I can help you to identify what’s important to you and break through the barriers preventing you from moving forward.

So much of being happy and healthy relates to having enthusiasm, joy and motivation for life. The concept of self care and wellbeing is being seen as increasingly important to ensure that we are in the best possible shape to lead the life we want and deserve. Making small changes to what you do can bring huge benefits to your wellbeing.
Transitions happen at key moments in our lives. It can be something we have planned for or initiated ourselves, and it can also happen unexpectedly, driven by others. I can help individuals to identify their desired way forward, provide clarity, understand what is happening and manage their way through transition by following a step by step approach.

I help people to be more effective in their role and in their lives by bringing out their:

Supporting people to break through negative thinking that may prevent them from performing at their best.

Helping people to understand both themselves and others better at work and in life

Encouraging people to plan and move their way through transition, getting them ‘unstuck’ and towards the future they want.

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Call 07703 359673 – or – write to me to discuss your specific needs in more detail.